eLearning Multimedia Productions

  • Synchronous Collaboration
    • "Web Conference Certification Course" - ASTD
      • This online certification course is designed for trainers and others who are responsible for presenting in a live web conference.  It is delivered in three one hour live sessions.
  • Synchronous Presentations
    • "Web Conference Opening Sequence" - Case Studies
      • A Flash presentation used at the start of a web conference can add a level of professionalism and excitement at the beginning of the live presentation.
  • Simulation Interactions
    • Ethical Scenario
      • We ask participants to imagine they are responsible for a specific role in an organization.  Their task is to investigate and make a correct decision, based on what they have learned.
  • Learning Interaction
  • Situational Response  AP-RP
    • Following an instructional presentation, we ask the participant to put their knowledge to the test, by making a decision based on what they have learned.
  • Technology - Database Integration (PHP, ASP, .NET)
    • "Multimedia Quiz" - Unity
      • This quiz is used as a learning opportunity, in the sense that the participant may take the quiz several times to get the correct responses.  However, once they are finished, their score is recorded in the database for review.
  • Technology Integration
  • Other projects are available, however due to the complexity of the projects or due to proprietary content, they are not available online.  Please contact Point-Production for an online demonstration of other eLearning projects.  We will be happy to schedule a web conference and provide a thorough demonstration.